Open Charter gives open source users predictability amidst the licensing change trend

Companies switching from open source to non-compete licenses are diminishing trust in commercial open-source software. Adopting Open Charter offers open-source users predictability amidst this growing trend.

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Duplicati: Zero trust, fully encrypted backup

Introducing OCV’s newest portfolio company, Duplicati, led by open source creator Kenneth Skovhede.

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Long-time open source contributor, Dr. Nick Knize, launches Lucenia Inc. for search and analytics

Lucenia aims to provide a low-cost search and analytics solution that unifies existing cloud and self-hosted environments.

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Phaser creator Richard Davey launches Phaser Studio to modernize browser-based game-building

Phaser creator, Richard Davey, will lead the company as founder and CTO to modernize the Phaser framework, release Phaser 4, and make it easy to create browser-based playable ads.

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Don’t listen to feedback from VCs who pass on investing

Potential investors are not reliable sources of feedback. When an investor passes on your company, take the no and ignore the why.

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