Introducing Locust load testing: Event-driven, test-as-code performance testing suite

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GrapesJS creator founds Grapes Studio Inc. to bring the open-source, multi-project, no-code website editor mainstream

Grapes Studio is a single editor that brings websites, blogs, newsletters, landing pages, and more into a single platform.

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Open Charter gives open source users predictability amidst the licensing change trend

Companies switching from open source to non-compete licenses are diminishing trust in commercial open-source software. Adopting Open Charter offers open-source users predictability amidst this growing trend.

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Duplicati: Zero trust, fully encrypted backup

Introducing OCV’s newest portfolio company, Duplicati, led by open source creator Kenneth Skovhede.

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Long-time open source contributor, Dr. Nick Knize, launches Lucenia Inc. for search and analytics

Lucenia aims to provide a low-cost search and analytics solution that unifies existing cloud and self-hosted environments.

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