Operating Model


OCV incorporates a company


OCV recruits founding CTO and CEO

The operating team will receive equity in the company and market-level compensation; typical investment size is $2M.


Operating team builds the company with foundational operations support from OCV


Company demonstrates commercial traction and raises new external round

The successful outcome is for OCV companies to raise external funding in approximately 18 months. Specific timing depends on each company’s cash burn rate and milestone achievements. In rare, exceptional, and justifiable cases (expected to occur less than 5% of the time), OCV may lead the next round at a minimum valuation of $20M pre-money.


Commercial Open Source Software (COSS) Expertise

Our GP has deep industry knowledge and experience in running a unicorn COSS company.

Operations Setup and Bookkeeping

We provide a foundational shared services platform for operational efficiency.

Founder Peer Board

You’re not alone on this journey.

Sound Bite

Listen to Sid discuss OCV on the 20VC podcast.