Open core split should be based on features, not on code base

Open core needs a predictable way to decide what is open source versus what is proprietary. We argue that this should be based on what the features do, not where the code lives.

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HashiCorp switching to BSL shows a need for open charter companies

The trend of switching from an open source to non-compete license is growing. The only way to prevent this from happening is if OSS companies include an open charter that protects the open source license.

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Founder-compensated startups are default dead

Paying founders a market-rate salary from day one makes it harder to achieve profitability but it greatly widens the talent pool. Instead of focusing on absolute ARR, founder-compensated companies should focus on achieving a high growth rate to secure financing.

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RedHat found a way to get around the GPLv2 license intention with contract law

Red Hat’s new subscription-only distribution of RHEL skirts GPL compliance and violates the spirit of open source.

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Open core is a misunderstood business model

When done right, open core supports open source and embodies the same collaborative development ethos.

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