Artificially constraining your company to one goal creates velocity and creativity

Startups need to grow fast, which means artificially constraining yourself to a single, time-bound goal. Founders who practice relentless commitment to goals and set a rapid development pace are more likely to achieve hypergrowth.

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The Red Hat model only worked for Red Hat

A complicated multi-product model, the constant threat of disruption, and low rake make Red Hat’s business model hard to replicate. Open core is the pathway to hypergrowth for open source-based companies.

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Don't listen to the last objection

Not all product feedback is created equally and other open core product strategy lessons.

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Why open core will replace proprietary software as the default

Trust will drive the move to open core. Faster R&D will drive its dominance.

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Ramatak: the open core platform for mobile gaming built with Godot

Godot co-founder Ariel Manzur and long-time contributor HP van Braam team up to improve the mobile game developer experience.

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