Introducing our first public benefit company, Authentik Security

Authentik Security aims to simplify identity management while remaining committed to open source.

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Preventing the bait and switch by open core software companies

Open source is more than a license, it’s a company charter.

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Why we invested in Mermaid Chart

Mermaid Chart is changing how we communicate. Creating dynamic text-based diagrams removes the clumsy design layer and improves collaboration.

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The Rise of Observability (o11y): Neanderthals with logs to Astronauts with Instrument Panels

TL;DR: Observability ("o11y") has undergone a nearly 4 decade transition: from Apache/NGINX logs, to Nagios, Zipkin/Jaeger/Prometheus, and finally self-serve platforms powered by Kubernetes.

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Someone has to Pay for the domino

TL;DR: F/OSS projects have many paths to sustainability. We (OpenCore Ventures) are partial to open core. This post catalogs the sustainability problem and the various solutions we’ve seen working for F/OSS projects.

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